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2013 Youth Scholarship $500.00 - Winner to be announced.

2012 Youth Scholarship $500.00 - Justin Bacon; Johnson City, Texas

2011 Youth Scholarship $500.00 - Paris Jones; Mason, Texas



Guidelines and Rules

  1. Open to all school age youth, as long as said youth can handle his entry.
  2. Participants family MUST be members in good standing ( dues paid by 1st July )
  3. Youth Scholarship Competition begins on January 1st of any given calendar year and ends on December 31st of that same calendar year or ends on the date of the last Hill Country Coonhunters Association sanctioned event.
  4. Youth Scholarship Competitor with the most points, based on the point system attached hereto will be declared winner for each calendar year.
  5. Additional Youth Scholarship Competition awards or scholarships may be provided as adopted by the Scholarship Committee prior to the beginning of the calendar year for any Youth Scholarship Competition.
  6. Scholarship will be awarded at annual HCCA Club Christmas party.
  7. Scholarship amount to be determined at annual committee meeting for next year.
  8. Any changes to rules and/or policy must be presented in writing to a committee member by 1st august for a rule change for the next year.
  9. Scholarship committee members to be voted on and elected at annual club meeting.
  10. Awarded scholarship monies will be transferred to escrow by 31st December.
  11. Scholarship not used within 2 years of graduation to an accredited school will be forfeited and used for the next available scholarship.
  12. Interest accrued on individual scholarships will be added to original amount of scholarship.

Points Awarded To Youth Scholarship Competitors

Bench Show:

Entry: 5 Points

Best of Show and any Champion Class win: 2.5 Bonus Points

AKC Best Overall: 2.5 Bonus Points

UKC King/Queen of Show: 2.5 Bonus Points

UKC Overall: 2.5 Bonus Points

Field Trial and Water Race:

Entry: 5 Points

Line: 2.5 Points

Tree: 2.5 Points

Nite Hunt:

Entry: 5 Points

Plus Point Cast Win: 5 Bonus Points.


Youth Scholarship Winner: Most points accumulated during any given calendar year.

Additional Youth Scholarship Places (2nd, 3rd, etc.): As my be determined by the Youth Scholarship Committee before the beginning of any given calendar year.

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